Study, Work, Live in Canada

Travelling to Canada to live, study or work is a thrilling adventure that demands careful preparations and knowledgeable directions. Our educational consultancy services are devoted to aid you personally throughout the entire process in order to make you realise your ambition.
So come, explore the Canadian experience and unlock the brimming future with your potential and our guidance.
In the land of maple leaf, your ideal future is waiting for you!

Why study in Canada?

Canada has established itself as the top choice for international students all across the world and has come to represent it’s top-notch education, cultural enrichment, and a wealth of professional opportunities. We being the ideal educational advisors would serve you a commitment to point you towards the righteous direction for a satisfying Canadian education.

Canada is well known for having elite educational institutions that routinely place among the best in the world. Our consulting services provide individualized support in deciding which academic programmed and college best suit your goals and interests. We make sure you have access to the best education available that lays the groundwork for a prosperous future in anything from engineering to the arts, sciences, and business.

When you study in Canada, you’ll be a part of a thriving, multiracial society that welcomes variety. Our consulting services facilitate your seamless integration into Canadian culture by offering priceless guidance on lodging, neighbourhood amenities, and cultural events. Utilise Canada’s diverse cultural heritage to embrace new customs, create enduring connections, and extend your perspective on the world.

Our consulting firm understands how crucial budgetary issues are when pursuing higher education. Canada has an advantage over other countries due to its low tuition costs and wide range of scholarships available to meritorious students. We’ll help you look into different funding sources so that you may afford to pursue your academic goals.

Cost of living in Canada?

An international student’s average monthly living expense in Canada is 2,500 CAD, or around Rs. 1.5 lakhs. The cost of living for an international student includes the price of housing, books and supplies, transportation, food and drink, and other expenses. The following are the essential living costs:

*The cost of living in Canada may vary slightly depending upon the university and city the international student is living in.

Post-Graduate (PG) Diploma Courses in Canada

Find career-focused Post-Graduate Diplomas in Canada that are designed to give you real-world experience in the industry you want to work in. Consider enrolling in one of the accessible Canadian PG Diploma programs if you’re looking for professional training and want to improve your skills to meet market expectations.

Top Colleges for Post-Graduate (PG) Diploma Courses in Canada

Look at the best universities that students can choose from while submitting their applications for a PG Diploma in Canada.

MBA Courses in Canada

“Canadian MBA programme admissions for the 2022 academic year have ended, and decision notifications have been made available as enrollments near their conclusion. The particular dates for admission to the major MBA colleges in Canada, which normally fall between December and March, have not yet been made public as we eagerly anticipate the intake of 2023. There are 47 colleges and universities in Canada that offer MBA programmes, representing a wide variety. It is noteworthy that 6 of these institutions have attained a high rating inside the Top 100 in the QS Global MBA rankings for the year 2023. Regarding tuition, earning an MBA in Canada typically costs between 30,000 and 40,000 CAD annually.

Top Colleges for MBA Courses in Canada

Take a look at the top universities that candidates for mba programmes in Canada can select from.

One-year MBA Courses in Canada

The one-year MBA from Canada, which enables students to complete their degree in an accelerated manner within 12 months, is now becoming more and more well-liked by those looking to study abroad temporarily. Another benefit of earning a one-year MBA from Canada is that it boosts your career right away without placing undue financial hardship on you.

Top Colleges for One-year MBA Courses in Canada


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